Automotive Wing - TEKS

PylonAssembly.jpg PylonDrawing.jpg The TEKS demonstrator is a pylon for a sports car wing. Currently, either aluminium matrix composites or a plain high grade aluminium (6061 T6) are used for manufacture. The aluminium density is nearly twice that of a typical CFRP material, while the tensile strength of aluminium is 50%  that of the typical CFRP material. By substituting aluminium with CFRP material, there will not only be a significant weight  saving, but the embedded energy can also be reduced greatly,  using advanced curing methods such as microwaves.
The main technologies that will be investigated are tape laying and novel layup techniques, the use of recycled material for fixtures and waterjet cutting for trimming the parts. A first trial of the latter technology was shown at the Manufuture conference in Vilnius; here, a scaled-down version of the aerodynamic wing has been produced using recycled material and a jigless fixture.

TEKS component.jpg

Fraunhofer-IPT have also produced a trial part using tape-layup, orienting the fibres to match the load requirements and minimising composite use by only apply tape to areas that correspond to the part shape.  This part is now undergoing tests at TEKS.



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