Carbon Fibre Technology Cluster


REFORM is one of the five projects in the Carbon Fibre Technology cluster, the others being EUCARBON, FIBRALSPEC, NEWSPEC and CARBOPREC.  This project clustering activity, promoted by EC under H2020, is based on five projects all related to Carbon Fibres. The aim is to put together the best European expertise in this field, brainstorm around common expectations, discuss the context and synergies to ensure the highest possible impact at the industrial, social and economic level.Three of the projects (NEWSPEC, FIBRALSPEC and CARBOPREC) were funded under the same EU-FP7 call “NMP.2013.2.1-1 Developing new precursors, new processing routes and functionalisations for carbon fibres”. The main aims are on CF precursor development for cheaper CF and independence from international monopolies. EUCARBON is a project from an FP7 SPACE call which also aims at independence from non-European suppliers. REFORM, the 5th project, which deals with the recycling of CF composites, was funded under the FP7-2011-NMP-ICT-FoF call.

The Carbon Fibre Technology Cluster won the people's choice poster award at EUNanoForum 2015 in Riga.


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REFORM is a collaborative project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.

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