A poster has been produced for use at tradeshows.
A leaflet outlining the REFORM goals and objectives has been produced
Partner Moduleworks posted about REFORM on their Facebook page

REFORM has had stands at Manufuture 2013, Industrial Technologies 2014 and EWEA Offshore 2015 Conference where exhibits, publicity materials such as posters and leaflets, and a video describing the goal of the project have all been available to thousands visitors from around the world.

In May 2015, a press release was circulated for the FOCUS project, regarding the Clean Manufacturing Cluster of which REFORM is a part.

News Articles

REFORM is mentioned in an article describing the new AMRC waterjet machine in Composites Today
REFORM is mentioned in an article in Composites World, describing waterjet research at the AMRC
The REFORM technical co-ordinator was interviewed in the June 2012 issue of research*EU results

Journal and Conference Papers

Alberdi A, Suarez A, Artaza T & Palafox-Escobar G, 2013, Composite cutting with Abrasive Water Jet, Proceedings of the 5th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, June 26-28, Zaragoza, Spain

Escobar-Palafox G, Wika K, Gault RS & Ridgway K, 2012, Characterisation of abrasive water-jet process for drilling CFRP-titanium stacks, 21st International Conference on Waterjetting, 19-21 Sept, Ottowa, Canada

Stautner M, 2012, Ausblick CAM-Komponenten Entwicklungen für eine breitere Prozessanbindung Fachgespräch zwischen Industrie und Hochschule: Zerspanen im modernen Produktionsprozess, 40 Jahre ISF

Gault R & Krain R, 2014, Production Technologies for clean processes and products green and being competitive, 9 April, Industrial Technologies, Athens, Greece

Escobar-Palafox G, Alberdi A, Gault RS & Ridgway K, 2014, Abrasive Recycling in Abrasive Waterjet Machining, 23 June, Annual International Conference on Technology and Engineering, Athens, Greece

Escobar- Palafox G, Gault RS & Ridgway K, 2014, Waterjetting of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers with recycled abrasive, 3-5 Sept 2014, 22nd International Waterjetting Conference, Netherlands

K. Olofsson, G. Gong, B. Nyström, A. Herrmann Praturlon, S. Durante, 2015, Recycling Fibers from Composites using Re-Fib Method, 24-25 June, The International Conference on Manufacturing Advanced Composite, Bristol, UK

K. Olofsson, G. Gong, B. Nyström, A. Herrmann Praturlon, S. Durante, 2015, Composite Material Contamination of Electrical Equipment, 2-4 September, ICCST/10, Lisbon, Portugal

Freeman C, Scott R & Krain R, 2015, Location location location, 23-27 March, IEEE VR 2015, Provence, France

Ridgway, N & Durante, S, 2014, Life Cycle Approach on manufacturing common challenges in the Aerospace, Automotive and Motorsport, 9-10 September, TRAM conference at IMTS

Gault, RS, 2013, REFORM Overview, 6-8 October, Rosemary Gault, the project coordinator, gave a talk about the project during a parallel session on social and environmental sustainability at Manufuture 2013

Olofsson K, Långström R,  Bergman J, Fernberg P, 2015, Composite Material Contamination of Electrical Equipment, 2-4 September, ICCST/10 (10th International Conference on Composite Science and Technology)

Media Coverage for the REFORM Project


5 February 2013 - AMRC demonstrates giant new waterjet milling machine

2 April 2013 - AMRC adds waterjet capabilities

20 December 2013 - Tecnalia focuses on machining composites by waterjet technologies in the REFORM project


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